How long do your fragrances last?

We have quite a lot of different products on our website, we like to be transparent about their quality!

But with fragrances it is not only about the quality, skin types and especially the pH values of the skin also play a role in how long a fragrance lingers with you!


Below is a schedule of different quality, brands, and types that indicate how long a fragrance will remain on your skin:


Fragrances up to €7 : max 3-4 hours

Fragrances up to €8 : max 4-5 hours 

Fragrances up to €10 : max 4-6 hours

Fragrances  from €20 : 6-10 hours

These are indications, on our skin and clothes. We know people who can no longer smell an odor after 1 hour, but we also know people who no longer smell no.5 of €80 after an hour on their skin.

Should you decide to make a purchase, and in the end you are not satisfied with your product? You can always return free of charge (full, tried items. With original packaging!) 😀

After receiving the items, the full purchase amount will be on your account within 5 working days.