Refund policy

We can write a whole story here with paragraphs, articles and clauses as the legal expenses insurance has advised us... but we simply do not support that!

You are our customer, and our goal is that you are satisfied with your purchase!

It's very simple, we understand that you can't smell scents via the internet and we don't have testers.

Fragrances that have been tried and not liked can be returned.

We do ask to return in the original packaging, and a bottle that is 10-20% (or more) empty is of course not tried!

- Have you paid shipping costs?

Then we pay the return costs!

- Did you not pay shipping costs?

Then you pay the return costs yourself!


* At the bottom of our page there is also a link to: how long do your scents last

This contains information about what you can and can expect from our fragrances!