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  • Fares Man eau de parfum Riiffs
  • Fares Man eau de parfum Riiffs 100ml
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Fares Man - Eau de parfum - 100 ml - men - Riiffs

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The luxurious Fares perfume captivates you from the start with a blend of Oud essential oil, blending in the depths that are mainly licorice, raw spicy and supple leathery, just like Oud Kambodi can do.

delicious mandarin, along with a bitter trail of bergamot, bathes in a honey bath, accompanied by gently rising smoke from luxurious, slow-burning woods, whose smoke is sweetly caressing.

The citrus enticement will again apply to a word, this time in the accord of a sweetened melange of bark, lazily rolling on a drop bed with notes of cardamom.

The mystical scent of oud is in full development of the perfume in a perfect interplay with delicious vanilla and a really dense honeycomb, creating a gourmet gastronomic line.

The perfume is primarily intended for men, but I think the honey notes will also enchant women's skin... :-)